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The Game: A Modern Psychological Game of Cat-And-Mouse




Genres: Horror, Suspense, Thriller


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The Game is a psychological thriller sure to captivate audiences. Senna is the deaf protagonist fighting for her life and safety. The antagonist? A shadow in the night, determined to claim another "trophy". A violent, gory game of cat-and-mouse that will entangle the reader until the very end of the story.


The Game (Traditional) Hot water cascaded down Senna’s body. Her thoughts were raging. Beneath the waterfall, she carefully closed her eyes and held her breath. It had been a long week at the office, more so than usual. Her standard translator was out of town and the stand-in had butchered the understanding between her thoughts and her clients. It proved difficult to be an account manager, but even more difficult to be a deaf account manager. Senna released a hefty sigh before stepping out from underneath the water. Opening her eyes, she took in her bathroom outside of her standing shower. The steam had accumulated in the bathroom, allowing shadows to dance like dark spirits from days past. Something caught Senna’s eyes. The darkness shifted in front of the foggy mirror that faced the bedroom door. Senna’s heart began to race as she attempted to calm her racing imagination. “No, it’s just my imagination.” she thought. She was used to having her vision play tricks on her. That’s the downfall of not having her hearing. She had to rely on her vision for everything, and many times, vision proved to be deceptive. The pit in her stomach tightened but Senna shook it off as she draped a towel around her body. “Leave it be, Sen. You’re imagining things. No more horror movies before bed.” Senna scolded herself.

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Amanda Barron is a long-term Arizona resident and fellow ASU graduate. When she isn't creating fiction stories, Amanda works as a full-time photographer and dedicates time as single mother. Amanda has been creating psychological thrillers and horror stories her entire life. The thrill of the genre fills her with a fiery passion to create. She enjoys camping, hiking, and playing the ukulele with fellow peers.

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