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Violent Stories from The South of Sweden: The Man from Veberöd




Genres: Action & Adventure, Mystery, Thriller


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William Moberg was a mountain of a man who had a dark secret. He had a farm outside the village, a place not a lot of people had seen and lived to talk about. He grew his plants with care, using his personal secret as a soil. Young blonde women. Moberg was the worst serial killer the South of Sweden had seen in a lifetime but Göran Danielsson from the police in Lund was on his trail. It didn't get easier when his girlfriend got involved, but was she an accomplish or a victim? It all leads up to an explosive ending at the Moberg farm outside Veberöd. One dose sadistic killer, one dose clumsy police, several doses sex and you get a Southern Swedish tale. An explicit and graphic tale of murder, deception and adultery.

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ISBN-13: 9781005777487

Publisher: LeifJTranemose


Language: English

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A man who on his older days wants to tell stories that has occupied his mind for a very long time. Not claiming to be the best writer in the world, but I love to tell vivid and imaginary tales. What is true or not in them that is up to the reader to decide, but there's always something. Scotch, food, and friends that are honest are close to my heart. I never mind a conversation as long as it is open, friendly and honest. Give and take, that's all. Currently living at the scene of a crime in one of my books, but having a dream to move to a warm place. Ps. If any book is having typos or other errors just let me know. I am not the one that is problematic, everything will be revised at some point and if you stay in touch I'll make sure you get the latest and updated version once it is done.

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