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The Legend of Eden- Act 1 - Part 2 - A Dragon of Araphel




Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller


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The Warlike nation of Araphel has begun to move upon the realm of Eden's alies.


General Marcus could taste the blood in his mouth as he looked upon his childhood town. Upon a grassy hill, General Marcus sat on his horse. As beautiful memories flooded his mind, he couldn't move himself to smile over the sight and smell of it burning. Having served many years in Araphel's military, his prime was long past, yet he was anything but frail. Armoured in chainmail and black leather, a dark metal helmet could be seen strapped to his horse. Long grey hair covered his chin and flowed from his head to his shoulders. Intriguingly, on the left side of his neck was a large tattoo of a black, snake-like dragon. This tattoo seemed to have a life as it was forever moving, devouring its tail endlessly. This life-like tattoo symbolized his rank as a general within his nation of Araphel.

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Language: English (Canada)

Pages: 27

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A fantasy writer who wishes to share with you a story. A story of pain and hardships. One of grief and despair. One of treachery and madness. One filled with hate, rage, and utter darkness. However, it is also a journey of healing and growth. One of hope and joy. A tale of loyalty and wisdom. A story filled with love, kindness, and light. But ultimately, it is a redemption story.

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