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Ways of War




Genres: Action & Adventure




Book Type:Print & Digital

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Ways of War tells the story of some young people who, since they were just children, have witnessed up close the terrible evils of war. Four main characters who at all times seek a way around all the adversities that appear along the way in a dramatic scenario that the Middle East lives. The trajectory of Kaled, Aziz and Zayn begins in a camp after being forced to be part of a jihadist group called Islamic State, where they are indoctrinated and molded to extremism; although they have been taught to kill mercilessly for the sake of religion, they all have the same goal, to find peace within themselves and escape from that place, which will be a huge challenge for them. In another scenario, Hana, sister of Kaled and Aziz, orphan of the war, goes through all sorts of difficulties, since she was taken from her family, life has taught her to become a woman even as a child, and now she seeks a way to reunite with her brothers who were kidnapped at a very young age, facing barriers to empower herself in a sexist world. Terrorism, murder, revenge, torture, love, betrayal, suffering and happiness are some of the stages they will have to go through, and on their way, life will bring them unforgettable moments that will help them to improve as people and to deal with the frustrating reality.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9786500328240

ISBN-10: 6500328248

Edition: 1

Publisher: Jhon S. Souza


Language: English

Pages: 247

Interior: BW

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Jhon S. Souza, brazilian, Lawyer and starting in the Writing carrer, with one published book

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