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Fortunes of blood




Genres: Action & Adventure, Mystery

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Fortunes of Blood is about an ex-FBI agent whose life was tragically turned upside down with the death of his partner and close friend. Knowing a leak in the bureau was the direct cause of his friend’s death, he has turned his back on the powers that be and leaving the agency far behind. Thomas Briggs now lives his life by the old adage, “An eye for an eye”, and being a former FBI agent, he remembers his hands being tied by legal red tape many times. But now, the positions of judge, jury, and executioner are his to wield. But his brand of justice and unique skills are not cheap, nor are they taken lightly. Because taking Thomas Briggs lightly will be the last thing you’ll ever do. But now, he’s taken on a job that will test the one part of his life that he has safely kept hidden, and that is his emotions. When the daughter of a known organized crime figure is kidnapped by a rival gang and taken to Florida, Briggs is hired to bring her back in one piece. But, the job also brings him full circle with his past when he discovers the man he’s working for was responsible for his friend’s death. However, the welfare of the girl was top priority now. After inflicting devastating collateral damage to the kidnappers, Briggs frees the girl and attempts to get her back to Atlantic City. But, the road back is anything but smooth, with the kidnappers and crooked cops right on their tail. Briggs turns up the heat, and after some intense heart stopping action, the opposition runs head on into Briggs’ deadly skills. But then, Briggs comes up against something he wasn’t expecting, an intense attraction to his human cargo. Stefani Gilano, the daughter of mob boss Giovanni Gilano was feeling the same attraction toward Briggs, and after an emotional tug of war, they finally consummate their feelings toward one another. However, with Briggs being ex-FBI it was like spitting in the face of her father, and he wasn’t going to let his daughter humiliate him in this way. So, Gilano labels his daughter a traitor which is a death sentence in the family. After learning about these new developments, Thomas Briggs marks Giovanni Gilano and his whole organization for complete destruction. Now back in Atlantic City, Briggs must protect Stefani from her own father while also dodging the Atlantic City police department. But, once Briggs makes his move against Gilano’s organization, it’s all-out war, and once Stefani learns that her mother she had lost when she was just a little girl was at the hand of her own father. Giovanni’s life and reign as head of the crime family comes to a violent end at the hand of his own daughter.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781070708225

ISBN-10: 1070708224

Edition: 1


Language: English

Pages: 311

Interior: BW

Keywords: , , ,


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