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If I Didn't Care




Genres: Mystery, Romance

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Rue Brennan’s name means “regret” and “sorrow.” And, by golly, she’s determined to live up to that name. Living in a tiny studio apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and piecing together odd jobs as a freelance journalist and part-time figure model, her boyfriend, Spencer, thinks she can do better. Spencer Hargrove is all about appearances and is about to unveil a new product created by his up-and-coming startup, SpencerTech at the height of the tech boom. He convinces Rue to take a job as an administrative assistant working for Cyber Forensic Consultant and Private Investigator Darwin Fennec, believing it to be a career more befitting a woman of her stage in life. In the meantime, her hyperactive upstairs neighbor Midge, prone to day drinking and saying whatever comes into her head, would rather see Rue ditch Spencer and spend her time with Darwin instead. Midge may get her wish, but not in the way she intended. In an unexpected twist of fate, Darwin and Rue find themselves attending the theater on the same night, each witnessing the murder of a stage actress. The only problem is, they both have become suspects, and each other’s alibis – ensuring they’ll have to spend more time together, after all, trying to clear each other’s names. All that, of course, is assuming that one of them isn’t guilty.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Publisher: Skinny Leopard Media


Language: English

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I am a free-spirited outlier enamored with life, and I think life is more fun when you color outside the lines. I approach life with playfulness, curiosity, and a sense of wonder. I am a multi-genre author, Board Certified Positive Psychology & Mindfulness coach, book coach and multimedia content creator.

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