The Ghost Convention ( A Daisy Sinclair Trilogy) Book One )


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Twenty-Four year old Daisy Sinclair always thought she was ordinary. She has a great job as a party planner, and an apartment in New York that she shares with her childhood friend Katie. Still,something is missing. When she lands the account of sexy Lucas Avery, sparks fly and she tries to keep things professional. When they almost kiss, she tries to compose herself. It then that she hears a ghostly voice asking for help. Thinking she is crazy she tells Katie about it. One thing leads to another and they realize Daisy had a ghostly encounter. Daisy soon learns that she comes from a long line of *Gifted ones*, who can communicate with ghosts. Being the chosen one, she must now solve a century-old murder case for a very sassy spirit. Lucas Avery isn't looking for love. He had been burned,and now only wants to keep things light. That is until he sees Daisy. Not his usual type, she is so much more, and he wants her. As they grow closer, he knows she is hiding something. As Daisy tries to juggle the party, a budding romance with Lucas, and solve a ghostly murder which will bring her into dangerous territory, she will have to make a decision. Tell Lucas her secret, and risk losing him ,or give up the person she is becoming. One thing is for sure. Ordinary is about to become Extraordinary.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

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Hello! Let me tell you a little about myself. I am an Indie author who writes paranormal romances with a bit of steam. I also write short stories about the Paranormal. An avid reader, with a really vivid imagination so I have been told, I knew that my stories had to be put on paper or laptop. I have published two books of a trilogy and am currently working on the third. My first book, The Ghost Convention is here and you can download it on Amazon in E book or print. When I am not writing, which is rarely I am reading and watching Netflix. I am also the owner of a fur baby who thinks he is my boss. *Laughs* Check out my book and leave let me know what you think. I like hearing from readers and it would be great if you left a review as they make me smile.

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