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Days of Oblivion




Genres: Action & Adventure, Horror

Book Type:Digital

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This new living is something I will never get used to, every day is different, and every day I aim to survive, no matter what, I will win this war!


“This is Ethan Coleman, broadcasting a message for anyone out there, I have food and shelter, if anyone is out there, I can provide safety, I will be at the museum park every day at eight until noon,” My voice rings harshly in my ears, I’m alone in a world full of nothing. One year back, the world still had life in it, and every living soul survived every single day, making a living.

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

ISBN-13: 9781005510121

Edition: 1

Publisher: Strange Soul


Language: English

Pages: 8

Interior: BW

Keywords: , , , ,


28-year-old self published author .. in love with life and go with the flow type of craZzo :x:D haha I have been writing since the age of 8 and have ever since striven myself to become better at writing :) I do enjoy all types of genre's and I loVvve challenging myself :)

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