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Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Witches, necromancers, seers, and the human world, where they live as one of us, with werewolves thrown in! No longer able to hide her mistakes, Molly discovers that Sekhet is the lesser of two evils. Now her biggest problem is to avoid descending into Hell. Her powers will be tested to the max.


Molly couldn’t breathe, no matter how much she tried to control the whirlwind of emotions she felt at that moment in time. Unaware she had taken numerous dainty steps toward the white fence – the white fence she had over the years leaned upon on the days both she and Lucy had argued for hours about things she could now no longer recollect. Without a word, Daniel bowed his head in defeat, understanding that no matter what happened next was for Lucy’s own sake, in spite of how they would all suffer the consequences. Dot’s cries, whilst Victor enfolded her within his iron grip, heard by Veronica and Natasha as they advanced, hands outstretched, ready to do what needed to be done. Victor stood there in horror rubbing Dot’s shoulder as her tears of hatred and sadness fell effortlessly against his chest; all the while he watched Molly from a distance, struggling to control his own bitterness toward the demon, who had not uttered a single word since returning from wherever it was he had disappeared to, following the departure of an overly excited and satisfied Lucifer. Molly could sense him standing by the tree, watching her, this thing that she had just learned was, in fact, her father, and that it was not Julio Papua, an immigrant from South America who had up and left her pregnant mother – the man whom she had always been led to believe impregnated her somewhat overzealous mother, only then to take off, leaving her to raise a bastard child on her own. In the shadows, Molly could see Scurlock’s arms were folded casually across his broad chest, allowing what she could only assume were wings to hang gently by his sides, giving the impression of feathers floating on a soft breeze. Supple all-encompassing protection to the outside world, and instantly she was jealous. Molly couldn’t stop herself from wondering what it must be like to know that only the worst of your own kind can damage such armor. Again, she thought of Lucy and her own words, ‘The worst of your kind.’ Was that her? Was she the worst of her own kind and the reason even the Council feared her? Molly’s throat went dry when she realized just who would be the one to destroy the entity before her. As their eyes met for the first time Molly, refused to break contact for fear of the other seeing it as weakness. Only Scurlock thought differently. He didn’t look away, because it has been the first time he had stood before her as his true self, and not hidden in the shadows as Jack Budrow. Of course, it wasn’t as if he could be in her life, to begin with. The small issue of Lucy being a witch would always mean she would have reared her daughter with the help of the Sisterhood. But to Molly, it was beside the point. She was magnificent to him – strong, determined and with an ability to even turn the eye of the Dark Prince. All he needed to do now was figure out the true reason Lucifer wanted Molly and how he could change Lucifer’s mind. Whether Scurlock liked it or not, one day Molly would descend, but if he could help it, it would not be at sunrise that morning. A sudden memory flooded into Molly’s consciousness: the day Lucy thought it necessary to train her in the arts of palm reading. Molly had laughed, rolled her eyes, argued and acted like a spoilt teenager with better things to be doing, until it became apparent that Lucy had no intentions of backing down.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798511957074

Edition: 1



Language: English

Interior: BW

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Born in the medieval town of Wexford on the east coast of Ireland, KK Weakley played in Selskar Abbey and other castle ruins as a child. Ignited by tales of warriors and witches, she draws upon her passion and her Irish storytelling heritage to create this fascinating story about modern-day witches.

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