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The Simpleton




Genres: Historical Fiction, Horror

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Jonathan Peters once held a prestigious position at Tribeck Advertising. He was well-loved in his neighbourhood. A newlywed, he and his beautiful wife Andrea, were looking forward to being parents. Now he lives a solitary life, and works in a flower shop. Now, they call him the "simpleton". It wasn't his fault, really. He found her in the bathtub. "An accident", they called it. Or was it? When the haunting begins to steal Jon's identity, he changes into a different man. He recognizes the ghost, though. It's someone he once vowed to spend his entire life with, and there's something she wants to say.


Her one eye moved merrily, dancing across the pillow where he struggled to escape. Her one wisp of hair tickled him, as she leaned over for a kiss. He knew at that moment that he would die from the touch of her poisonous lips; lips that were the colour of a rotten apple and smelled just the same. The smell was vile as she inched closer, as if she held the world's unspoken truths within her, tales of evil. He squeezed his eyes shut, preparing himself for the inevitable and memorizing the sound of his own voice as it stayed imprisoned within him, wondering if his muffled cry would be the only thing he would hear in the hell of all eternity - but it was then that she disappeared.

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Book Type: Print & Digital


Language: English

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Despite being a multi-genre author, I enjoy writing dark stories the most. There's something hauntingly beautiful about the dark and mysterious side of life.

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