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Brokshire Manor




Genres: Horror, Mystery, Suspense

Book Type:Digital


This is a short story: The year is 1920, Eleanor moves into an English home with her daughter Elizabeth. After only a few days Eleanor begins to believe the home is haunted. Though Eleanor’s stay at the countryside manor is strange will she stay or will she run? After learning that the previous owner had disappeared after strange events began occurring at the home, the same begin to happen to Eleanor … and they may be evil.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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My name is Stephen Evans. I am a sixteen year old boy who enjoys writing. Several months ago I found writing as a wonderful hobby. I began publicly releasing my works on Inkitt, then Wattpad and InkSpired. My email: For any questions or comments, please feel free to email me anytime. I am usually available from: Monday - Friday: 9 am - 7 pm | Weekends: 9 am - 5 pm

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