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A Price Too High


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A Price Too High is a dark, psychological thriller about a 39-year-old police officer sliding into psychosis. A quiet man, everyone views Arnie Price as an upstanding member of the law enforcement community and a devoted caregiver to his invalid mother. However, a troubled upbringing, the violent death of the woman he loved, and bearing the sole responsibility for her mother's well-being leads Arnie down a dark path and into a dangerous state of mind. Available in eBook, Paperback, Hardback, and audiobook formats (Audible version told by renowned narrator Jim Frangione).


He made the mistake of looking into her face and, for the first time in forever, saw moisture glistening in her eyes. It made him remember, for just a smidgeon of a very quick second, that he’d been the one who didn’t turn on the waterworks at his father’s funeral. She’d cried buckets and buckets. For the longest time, she didn’t stop crying, forgetting that he, his sister Patricia, and anyone else in the world were still alive. That they still existed. Then one day, after she’d cried until her eye sockets were all dried up and there wasn’t a single tear left to be shed, she went inside herself and closed off from the world. Arnie had been somewhat prepped for taking on grown-up responsibilities. He’d depended on no one but himself for most everything but food and shelter since the day he’d come home from school beaten all to hell. But, it wasn’t until they lost their dad and their mother checked out that it sunk in he couldn’t count on anyone else for anything. Just Arnie. He was all he had. By then, he’d already been working part-time for three years, paying for his own school supplies and buying his own clothes off clearance racks. The gym had hired him on at the age of fourteen to empty spit buckets, trash cans and mop the floors, like Rocky Balboa between his glory days. From that point on, he did Arnie. Period. Until the day two years ago when his mother had the stroke. “Nothing happened,” he said abruptly. “I just grew up.”

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798478519629

Publisher: Wright Arm Media


Language: English

Pages: 148

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About The Author

A curious and adventurous person who wanted to make a difference, Elizabeth Montaño chose journalism as a career. After reporting the worst of humanity for more than two decades, she retired from the world of news to create escapes for people who, like herself, need a temporary break from reality. When Elizabeth isn't writing, she's usually found reading. A multi-genre writer, to date, she has authored: A Price Too High Flowers for Virginia The Fight for Arabella The Origin Face-Off, Sahara’s on the Case Vampire Vigilante Justice Series 1 Sahara’s Ultimate Justice Vampire Vigilante Series 2 Sahara’s Revenge Vampire Vigilante Series 3 Dawn From Midnight Eternal Dawn Trilogy 1 Nearing Dawn Eternal Dawn Trilogy 2 Dawn Forever More Eternal Dawn Trilogy #3 (soon to be released)

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