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Catching Lily - Live Wire: Book 4 Crossover Series The Winstons & Perfect Halves




Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Suspense


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Lily has almost given up on her happily ever after. Mark is just on the run and hopes to keep his hide intact. A chance encounter makes Lily hope again, and Mark find his stopping point. Lily comes from a family of witches, and she has got a curse over her head. The Winston family is large, full of wonders, happiness, but also bitterness. Mark is her chance to get involved with a man who resembles no one she has ever known. He is a strong man, full of secrets, and almost cold-hearted. Mark seizes his chance with Lily, but two questions remain to be answered. Will his past chase her away? Will her family secret come between the two of them? Lily and Mark bring together the characters of two romance series, infusing their lives both with suspense and paranormal.

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Roxana Nastase enjoys writing, reading and baking - these work very well hand in hand, and she enjoys spending time with her dog - or at least most of the time, as he is a hellion. She loves to travel. One trip to Scotland made her lose her heart to that beautiful country and extraordinary people. That's why she chose a Scottish detective to promote some of her crime stories.

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