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Assassin's Web




Genres: Action & Adventure, Computers & Technology, Suspense



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Allison Wilde is a bright, young college student. She has a secret admirer whose obsession with Allison will gain the attention of Herb Dixon, a veteran homicide detective, who is on the trail of a professional assassin. When their worlds collide, the only one that can save them both, is a special government agent, who has her own little secret.


It takes Dr. Anders a few seconds to compose himself after the frantic commute from the county building. “This is Tina, she’s one of my interns.” Detective Dixon asks about the metal box that he is holding onto. “I have the remains of a dead mouse.” Upon hearing what the doctor has in the case, the entire group of officers take a few steps backward. Dr. Anders explains that an autopsy was performed on the mouse, and the results were the same as the results found in the results of the autopsies performed on the deceased girls. “What are you trying to tell us Carl, that the girls swallowed some kind of rat poison?” “No, Captain, toxicology would have discovered that. I’m saying that this mouse was exposed to whatever it was that killed those girls.”

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Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 1



Language: English

Pages: 230

Interior: BW

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I was inspired to read, because of programs like "The Book Mobile." Reading opened up a whole new world of imagination for me. As I grew up, I found that I a flair for writing, and I decided it was time to write my own stories, and hopefully inspire someone like myself to stretch their imagination through reading and writing.

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