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Covid Blues And Twos




Genres: Erotica, Humor & Entertainment, Suspense

Book Type:Digital

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Erotica with depth to the plot. Our gorgeous hero Jessica Taylor is not looking forward to the impending Coronavirus Lockdown in her sleepy English village, with husband Jason. As a distraction from the gloom and doom of approaching Covid pandemic and with an eye on Jason’s declining health, she agrees to meet up with her old, but still burning flame, Chris. Just for a catch-up, a date for old times sake. Chris quickly becomes a temporary fixture, in Jessica’s small family, as she faces relationship and health challenges with the husband she loves more than life itself. There are some gentle references to race and gender politics and an obviously current backdrop of the Covid pandemic - but mostly this is a gripping good, and sexy, page turner.

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Book Type: Digital

Publisher: Amazon


Language: English

Pages: 308

Interior: BW

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