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You & I Erotic Tales Trilogy




Genres: Erotica



Book Type:Print & Digital

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The Synopsis: The series was designed for women to safely explore what it might be like to be a bad girl who lives out her sexual fantasies. Each novelette length story is published separately so readers can select the fantasy they most want to dive into without being forced to commit to stories which may not interest them. Each tale begins with love letters which introduce the characters and create a setting. By writing in the first person, it is hoped the reader will feel less like a voyeur and more like the main character, creating a more immersive reading experience. To further this cause, character names were avoided as were in-depth descriptions of physique, leaving it to the reader’s imagination to create their perfect lover in their mind. Dialog tags were used sparingly to keep a feeling of intimacy. I call this inclusive erotica, and I hope readers will enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Have you ever wanted to be a bad girl? It’s no secret E. A. Barker does not like to follow “the rules” so it should not be any surprise he is not playing fair with this erotica series. As the title suggests, You & I is written from a first person point of view which graphically details explicit sexual encounters where the protagonist is speaking directly to his lover-you-the reader-in the present moment. If you dare to read this book you will be the main character, and you will be a very naughty girl.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9780994089311

Edition: 4

Publisher: E. A. Barker


Language: English

Pages: 146

Interior: BW

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