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The Kiss




Genres: Erotica, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Books, Romance


Book Type:Digital

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Angela is married but not happily. She has a teenage daughter too; she lived a normal but mundane life until she met Julie at work. Angela has strange disturbing feelings which are aroused still further by Julie’s intimate tactile habits. Everything comes to the fore when totally out of character Angela kisses her tormentor within the relative privacy of the ladies toilet! She got it wrong! Anietta Strong’s first foray into writing a hot, sexy short story about love and romance between two women. Women who are unclear about their sexuality and unsure whether to risk finding out!


The moon outside is bright, there is a breeze and its rays of light are shining through the branches of a tree which in turn create weird shapes and designs on the walls and ceiling of my bedroom. I’ve lain there for hours staring at their ever-changing form and seeing imaginary creatures making their visit then disappearing to be replaced by something equally bizarre and often frightening. Unlike my husband who is asleep and occasionally snoring, I cannot relax. My name is Angela Davis and I can’t stop thinking about what I’ve done. Unfortunately, my action cannot be undone and like most reckless acts they have consequences. The clock cannot be turned back and now I’m left trying left trying to work out my next move. What I cannot fathom is how I got it so wrong? My greatest strength is being able to read a situation and most times get it right? So, why did I get my gut feel so wrong this time, to take a risk with such far reaching implications if I had miscalculated? Bill, my husband doesn’t know I’ve left my job. I was left with little choice, after what I did backfired so spectacularly, what else could I do? To walk through the office with work colleagues who were happy to smile and engage with me before, now staring at me, ignoring me. Sitting on the toilet and listening to them talk about me outside my locked cubicle door. The event only happened two days ago and yet I knew the issue would never go away, so I resigned. I walked out with my box of personal items with every pair of eyes watching each step I made until I reached the door and found myself struggling to open it. Nobody offered to help. That was yesterday, I look over at the bedside clock who’s red glowing numbers show 2.23am it’s the following day and soon I have to wake and tell Bill I’ve left, but I cannot possibly say why. The implications of doing so are dire, how do I explain what I did and what it will mean to our marriage. I’m pushing forty, I’ve been married fifteen years, I’ve got a daughter of similar age and if you’ve done the sums you will realise, I was carrying her when I signed up with Bill. What will she think, how will she find out? She will, because I worked with the mothers of her friends at school. What have I done to her! Before I tell anyone, I’d better tell you because I know you are dying to know. Then I’ll explain how it happened and hopefully I’ll work out what to do next. I have, no had, a friend at work, her name is Julie Marshall. We went everywhere together, she came to my home, she was my best friend we did everything together. We were close, very close. She is attractive with a body to die for. I’d been wondering about my sexuality for some time. If I’m honest I’ve never been totally sure. I imagine by now you’ve worked out where this is going and you are not wrong! She was tactile, she’d often touch me. She’d stroke my arm; touch my hand she even occasionally patted my bum! I was sure, she had feelings for me and I certainly had them towards her. Then two days ago in the ladies toilet, which women frequently paired up to visit, I made my move, I told her I loved her – I kissed her! I got it wrong!

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Welcome book lovers. We are a group of Indie writers working together to promote our books as well as support each other as independently published writers. You will find full length novels as well as short stories. We like to say we write with an edge. An edge of kink, an edge of sadism, an edge of mystery, an edge of romance too. Our books aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if you like your books a little more on the extreme side, if you like books which do not shy away from difficult subjects such as rape, racism or domestic abuse then you are in the right place.If you like your books with lots of dirty, kinky sex or with a touch of sadism then you are definately in the right place! Many of our books explore ddlg, Dom and sub relationships, and BDSM. I hoper you find something which suits your tastes.

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