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Panty Lover's Paradise Volume One




Genres: Erotica


Book Type:Digital

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This panty fetish erotica book is a collection of seven hot and steamy stories, just for YOU Panty Fetish EROTICA Lovers, all having to do with panties in one way or another, and mostly dirty ones. So settle back and get ready for a more than sexually satisfying read. This publication is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY 18+. So if YOU are not at least eighteen years of age, please leave and do not read any further. Imagine helping yourself to your neighbors dirty, well worn, stained, skanky panties to masturbate with while at home in your bedroom. Just as you do your Mom knocks on your door. Then there is the woman who is making her living soiling her panties in any way her customers ask her too. The dirtier and wetter the better she says. Perhaps you have already ordered some from her? Read what she has to say about her kinky customers. Then there is the gentleman who first was introduced to women’s dirty panties in the laundry room of his apartment building. For some odd reason, seeing an abandoned basket with some woman’s dirty underwear in it, made him an instant panty thief. Read about the confessions of a dirty hamper diver and the ultimate sexual surprise he found. Do you remember what it felt like when you first stole dirty panties from the hamper? You naughty naughty boy you. Yes, there are a few more stories in here, however I want YOU to find out just what they are all about in YOUR world of Panty Fetish EROTICA. Then there is the young gentleman whose girlfriend wanted him to smell her dirty panties, as for some odd, bizarre, and kinky reason it made her hot. We can not forget the male that met a new neighbor in his apartment building who enjoyed teasing him with her rank smiling panties to where she enjoyed punishing him for it. Talk about a win win here readers. This is only Volume One with many more to follow, or should I be so bold as to use the word “COME”? Readers I know YOU all enjoy that word, especially when it COMES to YOU COMING while YOU read all about Panty Fetish EROTICA that I write just for YOU to read. Please be sure to REVIEW/RATE this ebook on my Amazon Author page.

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Book Type: Digital

Publisher: B. B. Pierce


Language: English

Interior: BW

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I write for MATURE 18+ READERS ONLY. So when YOU read my EROTICA alone in bed, it may encourage YOU to want to SEXUALLY do things with and to YOURSELF, that YOU may never have thought about doing before. So READ just one of my ebooks, and if YOU do not enjoy the SEX, then return it. YOU have nothing to loose, except your own BODY FLUIDS. Obviously I am not new to EROTICA, and have written EROTICA previously for many years, under various pen names. Authoring EROTICA novels, novellas, story collections, short stories, and adult magazine and newsletter articles, and even a book on HOW TO WRITE EROTICA, which will soon be republished in ebook format, after being heavily revised and updated. I have also been a webmaster for a site about Amateur Adult Video Making, where both amateur and professional adult videos were reviewed and critiqued by myself. Soon my ebook will be published on HOW TO MAKE AMATEUR ADULT VIDEOS, among other adult oriented business ventures, that EROTICA readers might like to get involved in. I eagerly invite all of you EROTICA readers to make contact with me, and to suggest EROTICA niche ideas that YOU would like to see me write future ebooks about. Other EOTICA WRITERS are invited to trade web links. Contact me for my FREE E-newsletter [email protected] or sign up on my website bbpierceauthor REVIEW/RATE EROTICA anonymously, just email to me, I will not use your name [email protected].

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