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Hitchhiking to Mars




Genres: Erotica, Romance, Science Fiction





Book Type:Print & Digital

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Sure, thinking things through could have helped Kyrie avoid being held captive by a power hungry space station administrator or becoming the planned next victim of a twisted serial killer, but it might have also prevented her from meeting the love of her life. Rebelling against the continued abuse she suffered at the hands of her “husband,” Kyrie had no plan, no money, but she had hope—hope that she could convince a privateer captain to let her hitch a ride back to the mining colony on Mars she once called home. But Kyrie had a knack for getting herself in trouble, and for making things worse once she realized what happened. And managing to get a ride barely half way, leaving her stranded on an outpost, meant she needed to start taking her survival seriously—or end up the next victim of a psychotic murder using the outpost as a hunting ground. If you love the adventure of science fiction and steamy romance with a happily ever after ending, you’ll love Hitchhiking to Mars.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781005077969

Edition: 1

Publisher: ML Beast Books


Language: English

Pages: 73

Interior: BW

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