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Maddie and the Prisoner




Genres: Erotica, Romance, Science Fiction


Book Type:Digital

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Dr. Madison Wainwright is a buxom blonde scientist who pushes the boundaries of experimentation. She hand-picks Luther “Mad Dog” McGuirk, a rugged inmate, as the perfect specimen for her latest invention—a mind control device. But as they delve into the testing process, Maddie finds herself consumed by a dangerous game of desire and dominance.

As the lines between doctor and prisoner blur, Maddie is captivated by a raw desire for her test subject. Beneath his rough exterior lies a man desperate to be dominated, his penchant for punishment igniting a fire within her that she never knew existed.

But as their power dynamic grows more intense, will Maddie and Luther find themselves lost in their own desires or will they discover the true meaning of control?

This 7,600-word short story contains absurd and explicit material.


She swiftly walks behind the large man, letting her warm hands glide over his shoulder blades before tracing a line down his spine with her index finger.

His skin breaks out in goosebumps as the professor’s hands roam across his body. He shuts his eyes, waiting for her to finish the thorough body examination when a hard slap suddenly smacks against his bare ass.

“HYIII!” He hisses loudly, whirling around to catch a fleeting glimpse of Madison’s satisfied expression.

“Mhn…” he mumbles, struggling to get the words out while his knuckles turn white from gripping desk’s edge.

“Quite the nice buttocks you have here. Mind if I ask if anyone has taken you from behind?” Her question is devastating, making him clench his teeth for a second before answering as calmly as he can.

“No. I fight every single day to protect my ass in prison. Thanks for asking, Doc.”

“But that’s hardly any explanation for all these cuts, Mr. McGuirk. I doubt inmates are allowed to wield actual knives,” she points out the obvious while grazing the reddening skin with her fingertips, occasionally pressing into the sensitive part as well. “That fact that your anal virginity is still intact makes it all the more thrilling.”

Her hand raises and lands on the other ass cheek of the man, causing him to flinch silently as she continues to humiliate him with nothing but a precise and rather painful spanking. She can barely contain her excitement each time Luther writhes under the slaps. He’s literally trembling while the professor abuses her privileges, unable to go against the order, even if he desperately wants to. The moment he tries to lift his palms from the desk, the electric shocks start to course through his head and chest. He’s overwhelmed by the intensity of it all, and soon is reduced into a weak puddle of a man.

Madison leans in to whisper into Luther’s ear, “I can see you trying so hard to break free of my device’s control… It’s quite adorable. Come on, all you have to do is beg, Mr. McGuirk… Beg me to stop with all of your might, and I’ll stop the torture.”



“Moh…” A feeble huff leaves the prisoner’s mouth, causing the blonde to grow increasingly irritated with him.

Her left hand slowly creeps up to the man’s neck and grabs him by the throat. She yanks his head back to catch a glimpse of his face and is immediately surprised at what she sees.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English (United States)

Interior: BW

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Morning Wood isn't your typical small-town mother of two. To her neighbors, she's as sweet as apple pie, but behind closed doors, her imagination runs wild, weaving tales of debauchery and bawdy adventures that stir the senses. From the comfort of her suburban home, Morning seeks to unleash her hidden desires on the world. With a mischievous mind, she mixes the paranormal and fantasy infusing her steamy stories with an otherworldly allure that captivates her readers. What started as a tantalizing secret shared between her closest friends has blossomed into an insatiable yearning to share her naughty musings with a wider audience. So, if you're new to Morning's provocative tales, grab one of her ebooks today and indulge in the irresistible blend of fantasy and reality that promises to leave you breathless and craving more. Morning Wood currently resides in the Lone Star State.

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