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His Unwanted Mate




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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"I don't want your love or anything from you, Anya," he flatly said. I smiled bitterly and bowed my head; tears started streaming down my face. "I know Marcus, I know because I'm your unwanted mate." --- Anya Lynx Collins has always wished to find his mate. She promised herself that she would do everything for him to love her, and only her if she finds him. One day Anya's wish came true. She found her other half, and it was Marcus Cepheus Kingsley, the Alpha of the Dark Hound Pack, but unfortunately, Marcus Cepheus Kingsley was a heartless demon that doesn't want anything, even a mate. Entangled with a person from the past. Dangers and confusions were everywhere. How will their relationship turn out?


Anya's Point of View It was another day again in the Dark Hound pack. Birds were chirping and singing happily on the branches of large trees. I could see people across the street getting ready for work. I looked up and saw how radiant the sky was and smiled. "Luna, Alpha Marcus was calling for you. He said to go straight to your room," the helper living in the packhouse said. I looked at her and spoke. "Okay. I'll follow you after I'm done with this." The helper bowed her head and went inside the house while I went back picking flowers. I glanced at the flowers in my hand and smelt them. It comforted me. I stayed for a minute in the garden when I decided to go back inside. When I entered the house, I quickly put the flower I picked on the vase. I went up to our bedroom, where Marcus is. I was about to open the door when it burst opened, revealing Marcus' angry face. He grabbed my arm and harshly pulled me inside. I winced in pain. It will surely create a bruise later on the way he held it. "Why are you late!?" he angrily asked. I bowed my head before speaking. When he's like this, I couldn't help but be scared. "I just picked flowers in the garden. I'm sorry if you waited," I said and apologized. When I raised my head to look at him, I found him staring at me. He slightly pushed me into the bed, so I sat down. Marcus approached me and began kissing me. It was not a passionate one, but what would I do? If he wants it, I will gladly give everything to him. I put my arms around his neck while tears were falling down my eyes. Marcus pushed me once again until I lay down on my back. He started ripping my clothes off. After that, he started sucking my breast like a hungry beast. I couldn't sense tenderness nor love from his every touch. It's just lust that he needs to release on me. He kissed my jaw down to my neck and began sucking it. I can feel his hand began caressing my womanhood, and he played it with his fingers. I couldn't help but moan at the pleasure he's giving me. All of my thoughts suddenly flew away, and all I could think was him. He stood up and quickly removed his clothes. He kissed me once again and thrust himself in me. I closed my eyes in pain. He wasn't gentle the way I want him to be. He moved harder and faster. "Aahh!" I moaned and clawed his back. I don't know where to turn my head as he keeps thrusting inside of me. I was panting heavily. Beads of sweat fell from my face as I can feel my insides burning with pleasure. Even the air-conditioning in our room had no effect. "Shit!" he shouted. He kept moving, and the two of us were in sync. All you can hear inside our room was our moan. "Fuck this! You are mine, Anya," he said and cupped my face. I obediently nodded my head. I can feel that I'm already reaching my limit. Marcus rammed his manhood and cursed. I can feel his hot liquid flowing inside of me. Marcus lay down beside me while panting. He was also sweating profusely. I turned to my side and wiped the tears from my eyes. I am his when we were in bed, in this room, but he never looked at me and accepted that I am his mate.

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