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Billionaire's Sweet Trap




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Five years ago, the adoptive mother decided to sell her to a stinky old man like a commodity for money, but she slept with a president by accident. Five years later... You can read this novel online on Bravonovel web or app.


It was two o'clock in the afternoon. In a rented house, a violent knock sounded at the door. Qin Shuhan sat on the ground in despair, and her face turned pale. Her small, trembling hands tightly grasped her mother's sleeves, and she begged, “Mom, please don't hand me over!” The unkind woman ruthlessly yanked her hands off and said, “If you don't go with President Wang, who is going to pay for your sister's overseas tuition fees?” “I am your daughter too, and I have a boyfriend now. How can you sell me to an ugly old man, just for the sake of my sister?” Qin Shuhan cried. Hu Meifeng sneered, “Suer is my biological daughter while you are just a piece of trash that we picked up by the roadside. I’ve waited all these years just to raise you until you’re of age to get married, and when it’s time, the dowry paid by your suitor will be your sister’s. How much does that poor Qi Sihuan have? As long as I can send Suer abroad to study, I will be more than willing to sell your kidney for some money.” Qin Shuhan trembled in shock as she could not believe that all this was true. She thought of everything that Hu Meifeng had done to her over the past few years and how she had ruthlessly destroyed the remaining hope in her. Flashbacks of her broken childhood appeared in her mind as Qin Shuhan gritted her teeth and said, “From today onwards, we shall cut our ties.” Following that, she staggered out of the door. There was a faint light coming from the presidential suite. Qin Shuhan clutched the sheets nervously; her slender fingers turned pale from gripping them too tightly. In the darkness, she could feel the cold breath wafting into her nose as a towering figure enveloped her small frame. Qin Shuhan was too afraid to breathe with the imposing aura she felt from the man. “Did she send you here?” Suddenly, a deep and attractive voice sounded from above. Qin Shuhan froze instantly upon hearing his voice, and she trembled with fear while answering, “Yes.” The man chuckled. With his attractive voice, he spat out two extremely hurtful words, “How filthy!” His pitch-black eyes looked fierce and merciless in the dark, and his lips were curled upwards in anger, resembling an enraged beast. The coldness of his palms pushed Qin Shuhan into a pit of despair. Tears rolled down Qin Shuhan's cheeks as she hopelessly closed her eyes. She could not tell how long it took before the man finally left. Qin Shuhan did not wait for him to come back from the bathroom. After she got changed, she quickly left the place. The moment she walked out of the hotel, she heard a series of sharp berating from behind. When Qin Shuhan turned around, Hu Meifeng rushed up to her and planted a slap on her face. “You little devil, how dare you run away!” Hu Meifeng shrieked. Qin Shuhan covered her face in pain and could not take it any longer. “I’ve followed your orders. What more do you want from me?” “President Wang said that you were not in the hotel room, and he waited for four whole hours. He is very furious now. Go look for him immediately, or I will break your legs!” Hu Meifeng pointed at Qin Shuhan and ordered.

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