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The Lady Darkness




Genres: Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Ivy has been locked away in a cell for over five years. She can't remember anything before waking up in this cell. She lives out her days looking out the window of her cell. After thinking that she is going to be spending the rest of her life trapped, she is accidentally broken out of prison and taken back to a camp. Here she finds out that she has been missing for over six years. She was taken by the Darklings. Taken because she was different and because she decided she wanted to stand for what she believes in. Not only that, but there is a war going on, and turns out that she is the one who started it. Follow Ivy as she treks across states with friends and family to try to survive the war that she started, but can't remember.

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

ISBN-13: 9798598038499


Language: English

Pages: 207

Interior: BW

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