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Sparks of Love




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Twenty-four-year-old Sangavi Carter, highly ambitious and hard-working gets a job in prestigious bank as the secretary of the CEO. What she did not know is that the CEO is the womanizer and he sets his eyes on this hot-headed secretary. Playing with fire as Sangavi dismisses Mr. Caleb Theller's hot approaches and concentrates on her job. But with Theller's continuous approaches she finally gives in and what started with lust ignites romance between the two and love comes in.


When you feel alone or depressed, do not give up. There is a person who will be standing behind you always. All you need is to turn back and hug that person. The beeping of my alarm snapped me out of my slumber and I groaned in annoyance switching it off. I fell back on my bed trying to get rid of the sleep that threatened to swallow me but I couldn't fight against it anymore so I gave up and began to doze off back to sleep. Thank God my mobile began to beep and this time I snapped out of the sleep, swearing loudly and turned off the alarm on my mobile. This is my daily habit. I would go back to sleep again if I don't use another source to wake up. I checked the time to find it already past 5 O'clock in the morning. I tied my long wavy brown hair into a messy bun and got up from the bed making it neatly in the process and went inside the bathroom. I did my business, bathing, brushing my teeth and came out of the bathroom only wearing a towel. Today is a big day of my life. I would be joining the most prestigious Private Bank in New York. I have been informed that I would have to start from today itself and my post is to be a personal secretary to the CEO himself. I wonder who he is. Nice or a jerk. Just the thought of my new adventure got me excited. Quickly getting ready for my first day, I did my make up. I applied eyeliner and Mascara which made my Brown eyes look good. I applied Pink colored lipstick and tied my long Brown wavy hair into a neat Ponytail. I chose to wear a black pencil skirt and matched it with a pink blouse and wore a Black Blazer to give myself a professional look. Sliding into my black stilettos, I wore my black-rimmed glasses and took my Important files and clutched my handbag and made my way towards my Kitchen. I kept my things on the table and was just about to enter the kitchen when my eyes felt on the watch which was hanging above my Led Tv. It was already 8 in the morning and I had to reach there before 8:30. "Oh shit!" clutching my things, I ran out of my apartment, locking it and keeping the key under my mat. I hurried towards the elevator and left the building in a rush giving a quick greeting and goodbyes to the people whom I knew in the building. Hiring a Taxi, I finally reached my destination right at Eight-thirty. "God! I'm totally late. Please help me" I mentally prayed to the almighty and went into the building which was named " Theller International's " I went directly towards the lady in the counter and gave her my joining letter. The sweet lady whose name was Anabelle helped me on my schedule and gave me the directions towards my Boss room. I have heard that my Boss was the CEO of the Bank and according to sources he is really young. I even heard that he keeps himself low profile and when I searched the net I seriously didn't get any pictures of him except some photos in which his face was not clearly visible. I took the elevator and punched the 38th button to which I had to go and waited patiently to reach my floor. The ping sound of the elevator door made me jump out of the elevator and I hurried towards another lady in the counter and asked her about my Boss room. The lady professionally guided me towards my Boss room and left as soon as we reached a wooden door.

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