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Prince Yorick the Bride




Genres: Fantasy, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Books, Romance


Book Type:Digital

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Prince Yorick was raised to be a warrior. When the sinister Javin marched on his kingdom, seeking the magical treasure they defended, Yorick was prepared to die nobly defending his people. Not all has gone to plan, and while the people still need a protector, Yorick has been magically turned into a beautiful woman, forced to serve Javin as his wife and intended mother of his heirs. Can the former prince still do her duty and find glory while serving as her rival's queen?

Book Details

Book Type: Digital

Publisher: Dark Fantasy Press


Language: English

Pages: 106

Interior: BW

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We are just a kinky couple who like to write. Kinky Books? Genderswap stories? Maledom Stories? BDSM Blogging? Embrace your Dark Fantasies

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