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Let Me Be Your Ex




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Let Me Be Your Ex novel is a Romance story about Lu Yao and Shao Yunchen. You can read this novel online on Bravonovel and keep track of the latest chapters


It was the middle of the night, and Lu Yao seemed to be sleeping soundly, but all of a sudden, she blinked open her heavy eyes and was momentarily stunned. The man, who originally only came back once a week, was lying next to her at this moment. The warm yellow light from the bedside lamp illuminated his body; his upper body was defined, and his arms were slender. He looked ethereally beautiful. Lu Yao froze. Wasn’t today Saturday? Why was he back? The next day, Lu Yao was awakened by the engine of a car downstairs. She sat up, hugging the blankets, and was in a daze for over ten seconds. It was only when she heard noises from the kitchen that she dashed out of the room. Upon doing so, her gaze alighted upon a slender figure bustling about the kitchen with his back to her. The man was wearing casual lounging clothes. He looked lean; his waist was slender while his legs were long. When Shao Yunchen came out of the kitchen after he was done preparing breakfast, he frowned upon seeing Lu Yao standing there in her nightgown. “Go and change.” “Oh, sure.” Looking down at herself and noticing that she was wearing a silk nightgown, Lu Yao’s inevitably flushed and quickly ran back to the bedroom. When she came out after washing up, Shao Yunchen was already seated at the dining table and was having his breakfast. She then sat opposite him. The sandwiches and fried eggs that he made looked and smelled good. She proceeded to eat the eggs in small bites. None of them said anything; the only sounds at the dining table were the clanging of knives and forks. Lu Yao was used to such a life. After eating, she took her plate to the kitchen. However, when she came out, her foot accidentally banged the door, and the pain had her sucking in a breath. When Shao Yunchen saw that, he took a plaster from the cabinet and handed it to her. “Thank you.” Lu Yao knew that he had always been indifferent, but still, a pang of anguish rose within her. For any other couple, when the wife was injured, the husband would show concern and ask after her, kneeling down and fussing over the injury. However, she and Shao Yunchen were the exception; they were like two strangers who lived under the same roof. Shao Yunchen did not say anything. He merely turned, snatched up his suit jacket, and put it on. It was undeniable that some men were naturally suited to wearing suits, especially those who were slender like Shao Yunchen. When he wore a suit, he looked exceptionally striking; just standing there, he gave off an impressive aura. “Remember to wash the plates after eating. Don’t leave them soaked in the sink.” When Shao Yunchen said that, he had already worn his leather shoes. When Lu Yao came back to herself, she was only greeted by the door closing sound. She then remained crouching there. If Shao Yunchen’s earlier action had her feeling anguished, she was now frozen to the marrow, an artic chilliness pervading her entire being. She knew that he married her back then because he was forced to do so by his father, not because he truly loved her. Worse still, when they got married, he requested that they sign a contract which not only pertained to their life before marriage but also after marriage; there were terms detailing the equal sharing of living expenses, prohibition against having children within four years, a divorce immediately after four years, and so on.

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