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The Mysterious "Sugar Daddy"




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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The Mysterious "Sugar Daddy" novel is a romance story about Eliza Walker and Cody Brook.


A black Bentley Continental stopped unobtrusively outside Peninsula Hotel, where the most prestigious awards ceremony in Lake City was taking place. Eliza Walker had her arms wrapped tightly around a man’s neck. Her fair and tender fingers ran through his stiff hair, and her bright and beautiful face wore an expression of extreme pleasure. The black windshield in the back seat had been raised, blocking out the ceaseless lewd moans in the back seat with its excellent soundproofing effects. The space in the back seat, which wasn’t considered narrow, was pervaded with a sensual atmosphere and an amorous mood that wouldn’t go away. Even the man’s shirt was still intact, with every button fastened scrupulously. His large hand gripped Eliza’s waist with tremendous strength. “What are you looking at, Eliza?” he asked grimly in a deep and slightly husky voice. “Your hands,” replied Eliza lazily. Then, she let out a moan like a whimpering kitten, but her eyes shone with greed. “How could your hands look so attractive, Mr. Brooks?” The man’s face darkened a little. After restraining himself for a moment, he tortured Eliza like crazy while growling morosely, “You’re dirty.” Eliza smiled mischievously while gasping for breath in a voice that was pleasant to hear. “Perhaps I’ve adopted a few different kinks after playing so many perverted characters.” Her words sounded very reckless; Pressing her red lips together, she kissed the corner of this man’s lips while placing her soft and tender hand onto the back of his hand. The man withdrew his hand right away as he didn’t feel like responding to her. Eliza snorted in displeasure, but she was soon driven into a corner by his advances. Suddenly, her cell phone rang; it registered an incoming call from Louie Johnston, her talent agent. She reached for her cell phone without thinking. “Do not answer it.” Eliza knew Cody Brook’s temper, but the banquet that night was very important to her. Hence, she could only coax him in a kittenish voice, “Please… Cody.” Cody’s eyes darkened. Five years had passed since Eliza became his sugar baby at 18 years old. Most of the time, he thought that Eliza was heartless, for she always called him ‘Mr. Brooks’. She had never addressed him differently, even during sex. She would only call him by his first name so flirtatiously when she was begging him softly. However, such coquetry was exactly what made Cody almost unable to control himself. After a long climax, everything completely returned to the usual calmness. Eliza entered the awards ceremony inconspicuously through the side door, but her appearance still caused a great commotion. She looked unspeakably coquettish and enchanting with her glittering smiling eyes and bright-red tight-fitting gown. Before she could exchange greetings with those around her, she heard a sibilant whispering. Eliza raised her eyes in the direction of the whispers. Dressed in a white shirt and a black suit contoured to fit his body, Cody looked sexy and rebellious with the top two buttons on his shirt unfastened casually. Reese Watson, who had just won the Best New Actress Award, was sitting in the VIP seats on this night. Flushed with success, she slipped her arm through Cody’s with a sweet and beautiful smile.

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