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Abused Mate




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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Sam's POV. I fell to the floor with the force of my dad's slap. My lip was busted and my cheek stung. "Get up!" He grabbed me by my hair and lifted me up. A punch to the jaw. Then I was thrown to the floor. My bones rattled at the force. His weight was on top over me instantly. The breath was knocked out of me, I couldn't breathe. My breaths came in little gasps, as I struggled to breathe. Finally the weight was gone and I dared to hope. Then I heard the jinggle of a belt, and my pants were ripped off. His weight came back and tears streamed down my face as pain filled me at the sound of a crack! My rib was broken. I could hear his hard breathing above me but I tried to zone it out. I tried to ignore the feeling. I faintly felt him retract just as he came. Then his weight was gone. "Dont let it happen again brat!" He said before walking away. I laid there too tired , my body aching as I made myself get up. It took me forever to get down the hall and into my room but I managed. I glanced at the bathroom and groaned. I made myself take a shower, letting the warm water cascade over my aching body. As soon as I got out I went into my medicine cabinet and took out my pill case. I filled a cup up with sink water and took my morning after pill. I wouldn't chance myself getting pregnant from my own father, it was disgusting. I climbed into bed and cried into my pillow, hoping it would smother my loud sobs. Why did this have to happen to me? Why me? I asked myself that question everyday yet it was always left unanswered. Finally I fell asleep wishing I was dead. ... I had only planned to go to the bathroom quickly but the pain in my stomach would not go away. I was late to 4th period! I couldn't afford a detention! Now I was running down the long hallway to Mr.Garcia's Pre—Calc class. I wasn't paying much attention when I ran into a solid body. All my notes scattered on the floor and I let out a silent curse. Just my luck! "I'm sorry " I mumbled. "No sorry, I wasn't paying much attention. Let me help you with that" came a deep male voice. My eyes widened as I recognized the voice, I mean who in Middleton High didn't know the soccer MVP Chris Wayne? We were both down on our knees grabbing papers when I heard him curse. He got up swiftly which surprised me since he was close to 6 foot and built like a machine. "I'm sorry I'm sort of in a rush" He said. I stood up too trying to busy myself by sorting out my papers. I didn't want to look up as he handed over papers, but I made myself. Our fingers touched and I instantly felt like jerking it back as I felt a jolt. My eyes were locked onto to his icy blue ones and I couldn't look away. Of course I had noticed how attractive Chris Wayne was, but I didn't expect him to look like a god up close. He had the bluest eyes and dark short hair. He had a dimple in his left cheek, which made him look even more attractive. Just as he was about to speak the bell to 6th period rang. The connection was instantly gone as I retrieved my hand. With a mumbled "Thanks." I practically ran to Mr. G's class. As I entered the room, all eyes turned to me. "Thank you for joining us Miss. Wolfe" Mr. G said his eyes narrowed in a glare. "See me after class" I nodded and went to my back seat, the incident in the hall forgotten. I had bigger problems, like how was I going to get home on time. And I clearly knew the consequence... Chris's POV. I watched the angel walk away. Did she feel that too? Is that why we couldn't look away from one another? I, Chris Wayne, for once was totally flabbergasted. "Chris are you on your way?" My father's voice rang through my head. "Yes father" I mind linked back. A perk of being a werewolf. If you didn't count also being extremely attractive. My father had mind linked me during class and I had been distracted when I had ran into...I frowned as I tried to remember if the angel had said her name. No she hadn't, I realized. And she didn't look familiar, was she new? She was beautiful though, with strange golden silvery eyes and long curly black hair. She was tan and had thick beautiful lips meant to be kissed. My Mate. My beautiful Mate. I had felt the instant connection once our fingers touched. It was how you found your Mate. I'm sure that the electrical current had been felt by all of my pack, which happened when the Beta or Alpha found their Mate. Of course no one would ask unless I personally told them. I swerved as I almost crashed into a blue sedan, due to my wandering thoughts. I don't know why, but something got into me. It bothered me the way she saw me, and I had to change that. I also saw the shock on her face...

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Book Type: Digital


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