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Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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As a workaholic, Ace is finally determined to have a rest after a busy workweek. However, he should feel bored and unnatural on a day without work. Suddenly, he is awakened from dreams by a call. He guesses that it must be related to work. However, it should be from his mother. His mother lets him go home and tells him to discuss something in a mysterious tone. Her mother is the only person whom he really cares about in this world. Therefore, he chooses to go home despite his reluctance. The atmosphere is still quiet and weird in his family because of the strictness of his father. After silence, his father tells him to marry. Of course, they have a fierce quarrel again. Eventually, his mother has to stand out to persuade him. Finding that Ace becomes a cold person, his mother is full of self-accusation, trying to have a conversation with Ace. However, Ace is not willing to share his internal world with anyone and has to give in to her parents’ arrangement. Mia is a girl who is not loved by her parents and has much expectation on love. However, she loses hope for life when her boyfriend whom she has only cared about in the world betrayed her. She plans to suicide but is saved by a stranger. The stranger who often says something hurt her should be her future husband! Then will they fall in love with each other?

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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