The Data Collectors


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Much like we observe and collect data about our environment, wildlife, and endangered species, the Data Collectors were sent here to collect and report back information about us. At one time, humans lived on many planets, in many solar systems; but now we are endangered, and currently live on a single planet … Earth. The Data Collectors are trying to determine what is causing our near extinction to save humans as a species. Meanwhile, special interest groups would rather see the human race die off sooner, rather than later. After all, if they can preserve what natural resources we have left, Earth is prime intergalactic real estate.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

Publisher: Skinny Leopard Media


Language: English

Pages: 264

Interior: BW

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Danielle Palli is an an author, positive psychology health and wellness coach, multimedia specialist, podcast producer/host, and business owner. She is the founder of Birdland Media Works ( and Heartfire Rising ( Danielle is the author of The Data Collectors Sci-Fi trilogy and the Acting Out Yoga series for kids.

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