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Most Difficult Three Words




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Most Difficult Three Words novel is a romance story about Qin Ziqi and Ji ZeYan. You can read this novel on Bravonovel app or web.


Every woman dreams of marrying the man she loves. I am no exception. Today, I married the man I have loved for twelve year, except that I was using my sister's name, Qin ZiQin. I and my sister had the same face. However, because of a hospital's mistake, I winded up in an orphanage. I did not return to the Qin family until three years ago. As an outsider, I never fitted into the gigantic Qin Family. Still, I sought after the promise of the parental love that have been absent much throughout my life desperately. I was extra cautious around everything in hope that I will eventually be accepted. First, it is because I love Zen. Secondly, I did not want to disappoint my family the first time they asked me for anything. Right now, it's midnight already, and Ji ZeYan had left right after the wedding without paying me any attention. Bitterness filled my heart as I studies the wedding ring on my hand. The sound of car engine turning off downstairs drawn my attention back to reality - ZeYan had returned. I hurried over to the mirror to fix my hair, and walked nervously out of the bedroom. Then I paced down the stairs. Finally I stopped at the entrance, waiting with slippers in my hands. Upon seeing ZeYan entering, my lips raised into a happy smile typical of a housewife. I placed the slippers next to his feet, "Zeyan, welcome back..." The mixed smell of perfume and alcohol shrouded my nose before I could finish my sentence. I frowned. Where did he go? The answer was too obvious. This thought filled my heart with sadness, but I kept my smile. When I raised my eyes again, he had already taken his shirt off. The warm bedroom light added a particularly seductive allure to his muscular figure. I turned around while my face went red with embarrassment. As I struggled with an apology, an arm reach over from behind. Faster than I could react, I was thrown onto the bed. Although the bed was soft, but the fall still hurt my back. Ji ZeYan glowered down next to the bed. Although his expression was hidden behind the shadows, his hostility still chilled me to the bones. He suddenly asked me next second, "What is your name?" I am not Qin ZiQin. My name is Qin ZiQi. However, I can't say that. Right after I answered, he bent down and gripped my hair, forcing me to look at him, "Qin, Zi, Qin, right?" It was until then did I see his face clearly. There was no warmth in those eyes. Rather, I only found hatred that seeped down to the marrow. When he spoke of my sister, a cavernous rage filled his black eyes. Even though it was mid summer, sweat still lined my forehead out of nervousness. My hair was still in his grip, so I couldn't even turn my face away. All I could do was nod while staring into those eyes. My heart has been in my throat. My acknowledgement only turned his eyes colder, "I hope you know what you are getting into. I am no Mr. GoodGuy after all." In the next instance, I heard my own red dress ripping. Then he ignored my struggle altogether....

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