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Too Much to Bear, My Love




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Too Much to Bear, My Love novel is a romance story about Amelia and Oscar.


Amelia, I'm back. Oscar's mine now. As long as you leave him, I'll pay you twenty million in compensation. Amelia smirked upon reading the message on her phone. Apparently, the message was sent by the woman Oscar loved the most. And she who had left four years ago had given Amelia the “honor” of becoming her substitute. Amelia walked into the bedroom with the phone and gazed at the tall man standing in front of the window longingly. Standing fixedly for a while, she then strode over briskly and the pining look in her eyes faded. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she whispered, “Mr. Clinton, Ms. Yard has sent me another message. Should I call her and explain our relationship?” “There's no need for that,” replied Oscar in an aloof manner. “I've already instructed the lawyer to draft the divorce contract. All you've got to do is to sign it.” Feigning sadness, Amelia lamented, “That's such a pity. I was planning to make things difficult for her. Well, congratulations, Mr. Clinton, for winning your love back.” Even without glancing at her expression, Oscar could still tell the light-heartedness from her voice. If this woman is capable of feeling sad, it'll be a miracle. Amelia withdrew her hands and was about to leave when the man grabbed her and tugged her toward him, causing her to bump against his broad chest. Leaning obediently in his arms, she raised her chin and responded to his passionate kisses. Panting slightly after the long kiss, she rested against him and said sweetly, “Ms. Yard, the woman whom you've always loved, is finally back. Aren't you afraid that she'll be jealous if we do this?” “You're still Mrs. Clinton.” In other words, as long as they were not divorced, Amelia still had to fulfill her obligations as his wife. He forcefully raised her chin before kissing her passionately again. If he had to be honest, he actually liked Amelia. Other than her uncanny resemblance to the woman he loved, he adored her figure too. Men are all visual creatures. Unless they genuinely love a woman, they would only like a woman's looks. Compared to older and uglier women, they prefer beautiful young ladies with curvaceous figures. “Mr. Clinton, I've just returned home and I'm all sweaty. Let me take a bath first,” said Amelia alluringly as she broke out of his embrace. Oscar shot her an ambiguous look and suggested, “Why don't we do it together?” Amelia threw him a flirtatious wink and strode into the bathroom. She poked her head out and said, “Mr. Clinton, I prefer bathing alone.” With that, she closed the door unhesitatingly. The look in Oscar's eyes changed. He liked it when she played hard to get. It was as if she was a natural seductress. The woman he loved had left four years ago because of a minor misunderstanding and had abandoned their wedding. Hence, he had found a woman similar to her as her substitute. Although he got married as expected, everyone was flabbergasted by the fact that his bride was not the heiress of the Yard family. Everyone had accused him of betraying Cassie. Yet, only the two families knew that she was the one who had ran away from the wedding. The Yard family felt guilty toward Oscar, but out of his undying love for Cassie, Oscar did not take revenge on them. Instead, he had found a materialistic woman to take her place.

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