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Through dreams and visions Nermal sent word he is in trouble, or is he? Our favorite characters returned to the hidden world once again to find out who they can trust and who has their back. This time they bring along a friend to help out, but soon find out everything is not what it may seem. This story has many twists and turns that will keep you interested and looking for the true friendships in a journey that will lead you right to the doorstep of Master himself. Will they defeat the Drones again and save the Mems? These are the questions that you, the reader, will have to find out in this new book!


It was not even a year later when Nermal finally called on me again. My house had finally settled down from the first episode. My Mom and Dad did not even mention the incident anymore. They always let me know they were carefully watching me though. I could not even walk to my friend’s house without reporting to them the instant I walked though the door. The forest where I got lost was off limits indefinitely. Patrick and I were forbidden to go anywhere near our favorite rock. I really missed that one place over the last year. I must admit I had to sneak there just one last time to see if I could find the place where I entered the cave. I was amazed that I could not even find one trace of the entrance to the cave. It had completely disappeared.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798730269064


Language: English

Pages: 106

Interior: BW

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I, Danielle Thornewell, was born on July 7, 1975 to Kenneth and Virginia Reed. My family also consists of two sisters Toni and Lynnette. I have been married for over 22 years to a wonderful man named Robert and have two children, Alexis, and Adam. I attended Hammonton Elementary and Middle Schools. In 1993 I graduated from Hammonton High School. In 2020 I graduated from Atlantic Cape Community College with my Associates Degree in Office Systems Technology. I continue to reside in Hammonton, NJ. I have always been extremely interested in writing poetry and short stories since I was incredibly young. I currently have two children / young adult books in a series that has been published entitled “The Mems”. In addition I also have a children's activity book based on mythology called "Bijou". Although I have had poetry published prior in contests and anthologies my upcoming book "Journeys of the Soul" will be my first stand-alone book of poetry.

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