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Son-in-Law Is a Medical Genius




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Son-in-Law Is a Medical Genius is a male adventure & action novel, the protagonists are Matthew Larson.


“Matthew, by marrying into my family, you're living a matrilocal life. Not only do you have to abide by the Three Obediences and Four Virtues, you also have to cut connections with your family!” “That’s your own sister, so why should we spend our money to save her?” “Hmph, are you saying that it concerns a human life? What is your sister’s life worth? The Larsons are a worthless family. Otherwise, why did you choose to be a live-in son-in-law here?” While Matthew Larson was rushing to the hospital, the mocking voices from Sasha Cunnigham’s, his wife’s, family kept echoing in his ears as he was recalling them from memory. Matthew was born into a glorious, big family. But when he was twelve, they encountered an unexpected disaster which wiped them out in one single night. Matthew’s father died while he was trying to protect the family. As for Matthew’s mother, she sustained serious injuries who barely escaped with him and his sister, Natalie. However, after holding on for five years, his mother passed away due to the relapse of her old injuries, leaving behind both siblings to rely on each other. As to the reason why his family went through such a terrible disaster, Matthew could no longer remember. However, before his mother passed away, she gave him a piece of jade with extreme care. Although she didn’t make it really clear, Matthew had a feeling that his family’s annihilation all started from this piece of family heirloom. When he was really young, he heard from his father that this item held the secret to the prosperity of the Larsons. Without his mother, Matthew took on the responsibility of raising his sister at the age of seventeen. Despite all difficulties, he somehow was able to pull through with gritted teeth. Three years ago, Natalie was diagnosed with leukemia. For the betrothal price of a hundred grand for the treatment of Natalie’s sickness, Matthew married into the Cunningham Family. Within these three years, Matthew became a slave for them and suffered countless humiliation in the Cunningham Family, but he endured all of it. Now that Natalie had finally found a suitable bone marrow donor after her condition worsened, he needed another three hundred grand for the surgical fees. His wife, Sasha, was away on a business trip, and he couldn’t reach her through her cellphone at all. So, he turned to the Cunninghams for a loan since he was unable to come up with the sum. As a result, they heartlessly threw him out of the house. After that, Matthew went to the office of the director of the hospital as he tightened his jaw before he pushed the door in. An arrogant-looking man wearing a pair of glasses was seated in the room. Jeffrey Zimmerman, the director of the hospital, was also Sasha’s senior in school, and probably one of her admirers. When she married Matthew, Jeffrey was the one who cursed Matthew the most behind his back. The Zimmerman Family was involved with business in the medical field, and Sasha arranged a job for Matthew here in the hospital. Initially, he was arranged for consultation work in an office. But, after Jeffrey became the director because of his family’s influence, he had been making things difficult for Matthew, who was then sent to clean the floors instead.

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