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No Trick, Just Love




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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No Trick, Just Love novel is a Romance story about Tang Muyue and Li Xuanxiao. Blurb : Framed by her once best friend, she lost someone who loved her, went to jail and was murdered, but was accidentally reborn. She swears this life. . . You can read this novel online on Bravonovel web or app.


The chilly prison was filled with the fishy smell of blood. “Why...” Tang Muyue was writhing in pain on the floor. She seemed exceptionally skinny in her oversized inmate shirt. Cough-- She coughed intensely and was vomiting blood. The pain was unbearable, as if a thousand knives were churning inside her stomach, causing her to almost pass out. The lethal poison had triggered horrible effects. “Why… why do you treat me like this?” Tang Muyue raised her head, her eyes filled with hatred as she glared at the inmate in front of her. “Haha, are you asking why I poisoned your food?” The inmate laughed cruelly; she showed much disdain - with a trace of sympathy towards the woman kneeling on the ground. “That’s because I was paid by someone to kill you! Blame it on your sole existence, because you were standing in the way of her happiness!” “Who…” Tang Muyue tried to keep herself conscious as she held herself together by pressing her knees against her stomach. “Fine, since you’re dying, I might as well let you in on the truth. Weren’t you getting married to Young Master Li? That’s why! She wanted you to vanish from this world! Once you are not around, they can be together…” The intense pain spread throughout her body, thoroughly devouring her sanity. At that moment, a clear image flashed across her mind. It is that damned woman, Song Jingyuan! I would never have expected her to do something so heinous, so depraved! Tang Muyue’s eyes welled up as she groaned in excruciating pain while feeling remorse and regret. Song Jingyuan, who once used to be Tang Muyue’s best friend, was also the very woman who plotted her demise! Bit by bit she calculated her steps; her actions eventually brought Tang Muyue into jail. It was also because of Song Jingyuan that Tang Muyue had lost the best man she could ever ask for in this world! That man, as handsome as a god, used to spoil Tang Muyue rotten. But because of Song Jingyuan’s slander, Tang Muyue did all she could to make him lose interest in her. She ended up pushing him away. It was only at that moment did Tang Muyue realize she had been completely fooled by Song Jingyuan. Not only did she become the world’s most pitiful clown, but she also landed in prison. At the present moment, she was even struggling just to survive. What else could she do even if she regretted her actions? She no longer deserved him… Barf-- Another mouthful of blood gushed out. At the center of the floor lay Tang Muyue in a pool of her own crimson blood. Tears rolled in her eyes as she lost her gaze into the room filled with eternal darkness. The acute pain in her abdomen no longer seemed so unbearable; she was feeling remorse so deep that even death could not erase. The inmate let out a long sigh as she saw the state Tang Muyue was in. She moved forward and shut Tang Muyue’s eyes with empathy. That stare - full of hatred and regret - had ceased to exist, and what remained was a lifelessly gorgeous face. The inmate let out another sigh before she turned around and left. Only the festering smell of blood lingered in the room. —— Hatred and regret engulfed Tang Muyue from head to toe. Her body shook intensely, and she let out a groan uncontrollably.

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