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His True Colors




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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His True Colors novel is a male Romance story about Han Jingru and Su Yimo. You can read this novel online on Bravonovel


“Young master, you must come back with me. The Han family needs you!” “Your father is gravely ill, your brother is in prison, you are the only one left to lead and to carry the Han family.” “Your grandmother gave her final verdict that we must bring you back. In the XingTong Streets of Yun City. Han Jingru was carrying a box of gift and the man was wearing a casual tee. He had an indifferent expression. “I’m afraid I do not like to curry favor with her since I was little. In comparison, brother was able to gain all of her affection. Grandma was afraid that I would snatch his position as the heir of the family and she chased me out of the Han family.” “I have suffered all kinds of humiliation when I was a matrilocal man in the Su family. Did the Han family ever care for me? She was the one that forced me to leave and now she wanted me to go back? Does she think I, Han Jingru is a dog or something?” “Now I just want to be a good for nothing. And please do not interrupt my life!” Han Jingru strode away, leaving the group of people looking at each other. The Su family was only a second-tier family. But when Han Jingru was forsaken three years ago, it was the Su family patriarch that took him in and arranged his wedding. At that time, the wedding had completely turned the Yun city upside down, but for the worse reason: that Su Yimo married an utter loser. The family became the joke of the entire Yun city. The Su family patriarch was the only person that knew Han Jingru’s real identity. But two months after the wedding, the old man passed away due to his sickness. And from then onwards, no one knew his real identity. The married man became the laughingstock and simply stayed the loser everyone thought of him. For all three years, Han Jingru suffered all kinds of degradation and deride. But it was nothing compared to how much he was broken after getting chased out from his own family. The man gave in and surrendered to his fate. He even got used to the daily insults and mockery. It was the birthday of the old Madam in Su family and Han Jingru had spent a long time choosing his gift. However, it wasn’t something of high monetary value and he was prepared to be mocked. The man had very ‘limited’ finance and that was the most he could afford. As for what happened earlier, Han Jingru was completely undisturbed and he even felt that the idea was laughable. His brother was able to make his words dance in the ear and sweeten the mouth. Although he was able to get the grandmother’s favor, the man was arrogant and scandalous. It was just inevitable for him to get into trouble sooner or later. With him leading the Han family, it was just destined for the family to fall. But what did that have to do with me? I was just thrown away, a garbage from the Su family. Su Yimo was a gorgeous woman. She was so outstanding that her marriage with the ‘low-born’ Han Jingru became a complete joke three years ago. However, their marriage was in name only. The moment Han Jingru saw Yimo, he quickened his steps towards the woman, “Yimo, who are you waiting for?” Yimo looked at Han Jingru with loathe, “Have you prepared a present for grandma?” Han Jingru lifted the gift box in his hand and said, “Of course, I had spent quite the effort in choosing this!”

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