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After Living for Thousands of Years




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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After Living for Thousands of Years novel is a romance story about Alice Brown and Harvey Smith.


“Alice, I know some friends in the police department, so I managed to get them to let this matter slide, but…” Alice Brown was seen sitting with a glacial look on her face as she clenched her fists so hard that her fingers were showing red spots. At the same time, a man in a decent suit was sitting beside her, boasting about the matter while occasionally looking back at Harvey Smith, who was sitting at the back, with a sneer. “Harvey is a man, Alice, but what has he really done for you? What has he given you? He doesn’t deserve to be your husband at all!” Alice clamped her hands on the steering wheel with an apathetic expression on her face. After all, she’d never thought that a man would become a disgrace to her. In fact, Harvey was taken into the Brown Family by Alice’s grandfather four years ago, not long before the old man betrothed her to Harvey. Upon marrying, Alice only treated Harvey as a nobody because he loafed around idly like a freeloader for the next four years. Therefore, she was disappointed with Harvey for fooling around outside with her money, thinking the man’s action would shame her and her family once word got out. “Thank you so much, Mr. O’Neill! But this is my family’s business, so I’d like to take it into my own hands.” Alice held in her anger and glared at Harvey, who only responded with silence, while resentfully saying, “Harvey, you can be a useless piece of crap all you want because I don’t give a damn about that, but if you ever do that again, don’t expect me to clean your mess for you. Besides, I want you to remember this—I am your wife, so please give me the respect I deserve and stop fooling around until the day we divorce!” Deep down, all Alice ever wanted was for Harvey to stay out of trouble because she didn’t expect him to contribute to her and the Brown Family. To her, his presence was hardly ever felt. At the same time, Patrick O’Neill took advantage of the situation to drive a wedge between the spouses, acting as if he cared about the matter, while lecturing Harvey, “If you still have a tiny bit of sense of shame within you, you should leave Alice right now. You don’t deserve to be her husband because you can’t give her the life she wants. Anyway, if this happens again, you won’t go unpunished.” In the face of their aggression, Harvey only closed his eyes in response. When he opened them again, a glow flashed across his gaze shortly before he let out a roar. I can finally feel it now! After four years, my powers are back once again! Ever since Harvey was cast with an inhibitory spell, his powers hadn’t grown any further, and neither had his looks changed at all. Although he had maximized his powers through the Mystic Art of Breathing for the past ten thousand years, he still failed to build the foundation necessary for him to surpass his inhibition. On the contrary, his failure would always result in him passing out; it felt like a chain that was binding him in his subconscious mind. In the next few years, my powers will all be gone before I slowly regain them. Until then, one mistake is enough to cost me my soul and render my effort all in vain. Nobody can stand in my way on my path to enlightenment!

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