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Salem And The Legends Staff: Salem's Return (Dragon Friends Of Delmore Book 2




Genres: Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Salem is a young warrior and Medea is a solid white angel dragon, as well as the princess of the northern angel dragons. She is a fireless type of dragon with fur instead of scales. Angel dragons didn't possess the ability to breathe fire and had very little defense since they didn't have scales, but fur instead. The angel dragons did possess the ability to use advanced magic, being a magical type of dragon they had the ability to use advanced magic. Together Salem and Medea will set out to defend Delmore and the light from the rise of the evil country of Tarkay sought on taking over Delmore and all of the peaceful countries to spread its darkness. Tarkay seeks to defeat Delmore and all the other peace-loving countries, they want to defeat everything good and extinguish the light. Tarkay is lead by the evil King Grevill, the evil king of Tarkay that wants to spread his evil and destroy the powers of the light, the force of good. King Grevill will use one of the evil dragon stones to try to take over the angel dragons so that he can defeat the dragon friends. Salem will have to take up the legendary magical staff known as the Legends Staff to block Grevill in his tracks to save the light. Salem will learn who he is, the first leg of his journey at becoming the great wizard will be realized. With his angel dragon Medea by his side he will rise up to drive darkness back, bringing all of the powers of the light with him. Join Salem and Medea on their quest to save the human race and to save the powers of the light from the rising darkness.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781638779124

Edition: 1



Language: English

Pages: 555

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Jonathan Burton Peters Jr is an American Fantasy author that was born in Mobile Alabama on February 19th 1990. He grew up reading Fantasy books and soon developed a passion for book writing and Fantasy.

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