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My Wife's "Secret Service"




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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My Wife's "Secret Service" novel is a romance story about Helena York and Christopher Lawson. You can read this novel on Bravonovel app or web.


“Stop calling me! I'm on a date here!” “What date? What are you on about, you rascal?” “I'm going to get married! This way, you won't be able to force me into marrying those women anymore!” “How dare you go against me, you little sh*t?” “I've always listened to you, but then you tried to have me marry that three-hundred-pound narcissistic woman! That was the time I decided to take my marriage into my own hands!” “I found you a new one, didn't I? She's got a pretty face, fair skin, and slender legs. I'm sure you'll like her!” “Pfft... This isn't the first time you've told me such lies, so I'm not falling for it! I'm getting married in two days, and I'll mail you a copy of my marriage certificate.” “But this girl is really amazing! Her name is...” Christopher Lawson hung up on the phone before his mentor could finish. He then removed the SIM card from the phone and threw it into the trash. “I'm eternally grateful for you raising me since I was a kid, but I want to decide who to marry myself! I mean, I'm a freaking talented genius with students from all over the world! I can't believe I let you force me into attending blind dates here at Matchmaking Park! Dear God, I've been coming here for two days now, so please give me a decent woman for once...” Christopher exclaimed with a sigh as he stared helplessly at his phone. Meanwhile, a fair and young woman was talking on the phone on the other side of Matchmaking Park. “Mom, can you please stop pressuring me into getting married?” “What are you talking about, Helena? You're twenty-six years old and still single, for goodness' sake! Other girls of your age already have children of their own! Yes, I'll admit that the guys I've introduced to you before were terrible, but this one is definitely amazing! I'm sure you'll like him!” “But they're mostly either obese and arrogant or skinny and weak! I'm a top agent in the special forces, Mom! I didn't just get my one-star general rank for nothing, you know?” “I know you have very high standards, Helena. That's why I found you the best fiancé out there! His name is...” “That's enough, Mom! I'm going to get married today, and I'll mail you the marriage certificate tomorrow! Also, don't bother looking for me at my place because I'll be moving in with my husband today. I'm on a mission here, so I'll be hanging up now.” Helena York then hung up the phone and threw her SIM card into the trash as well. I've made no progress with that case despite being in Tayhaven for two months now. To make matters worse, Mom keeps forcing me to go on blind dates with all sorts of guys! Well, whatever... I'll just look for that guy I set my sights on two days ago and get married to him. That way, Mom will have nothing further to say! Besides, I've already prepared my personal details, and my mission requires me to have a husband anyway! With that in mind, Helena glanced at the huge crowd before her. Having calmed himself down, Christopher too, began scanning the crowd in front of him. That was when their gazes met, and Helena chuckled as she had found the guy she was looking for. Yup, that's the one! I've been secretly observing him for the past two days, and he seems pretty all right. He's polite and looks decent too!

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