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His Rose




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Abused. Tortured. Forced. Who would have known that she is worth a million dollars? Elia Dominic Morello, an experienced killer and also professionally known as someone who is in the Mafia. His dark stormy eyes have saw violence, his tanned rough hands have done violence and his perky full lips have said threats of death. He had gone through pain . . . suffering and all the possibility of making him stronger. All her ever did was for the sake of his family and his loved ones. His selfishness was to keep them safe without having to deal with the possibility of dying, with each passing day but it all changed when he found the ONE. Rose, beautiful yet prickly. She was like roses, indeed. But, she was also the woman he'd risk his entire life for . . . no matter the circumstances.


I look straight into the mirror; seeing my reflection. Sighing, I hear someone calling out my name but more like in a forcing tone. Trying my best to ignore his voice, I keep on washing my hands but my heart stops beating as soon as someone breaks the door—causing me to look at the figure in surprise. ''What the hell took you so long?'' Terry asks and I just roll my eyes at him. Then, he walks at me before pulling me by the arm. As soon as I try to pull my arm away from his grasp, he pushes me against the wall; his breath right on the side of my neck—making me squirm. I look right into his eyes and he does the same—as if we're challenging one another. His strong muscular arms wrap around my waist before running down to my bottom. ''What are you doing?'' I ask. Trying my best to push him away but he's way stronger than I am. When his lips reaches mine, I force myself to fight back but he keeps on forcing himself on me. He bites my lower lip—hard, purposely which makes me open my mouth and he takes that as an advantage for him to gain control. ''Get away.'' I say, this time my voice sounds like an order after trying to break the kiss. He stares at me, ''You're a whore. That's who you are so act like one.'' Just as his hands travel around my body and almost reaching down to lift my dress up, someone interrupts us—making him step back a little. I keep on leaning against the wall, not wanting to get any closer towards him. He's a monster. Nickel, looks at both of us—giving Terry a sign that their boss wants us out quickly. Terry pulls me towards him before touching my butt. I turn around to glare at him but he just keeps on touching it. As we head out of the restroom, we are heading towards the VIP section where Gonzales—the person who owns this place—the person who owns me—sits. From afar, I can see him laughing as he keeps on touching someone by the waist. He's a pig, I must say. Gonzales catches me looking at him and as soon as Terry, Nickel and I reach him—Terry let go of me before pushing me towards Gonzales and I end up falling in front of him; more like kneeling. I hear Terry chuckling behind me while Nickel just eye my entire body. They find this amusing, don't they. They always do. All of them find this amusing. They like to torture girls. They've done worse than torturing and I would consider myself lucky that they haven't gotten that far with me. I'm more like Gonzales's favourite little girl—he wouldn't let those fucked up guys do anything to me without my consent but then again, they always touch me. They feel like they have the right to do so when they don't fucking have anything on me. I stand up as Gonzales pulls me by the waist—forcing me to sit on his lap. He starts to pull me closer and he finds it exciting whenever I resist him. He find me tempting. I can't deny that. I hate it whenever I'm near them but if I don't follow their orders, they might hit me. They've done that. I've been there. There's this one time when Terry didn't get what he wanted from me—sex. It was awful. It was painful. He didn't think twice before hitting me; they don't have feelings, they don't have sympathy. Like I said, they are a bunch of animals. They are fucked up. Especially Gonzales.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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