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Nexum Trend: Selling herself for an education


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Kimberly was looking forward to graduation! She had already been accepted to her number one choice school and her future was set! Then her mother gave Kim's college fund to a shady preacher and kicked her out. Now, desperate for a way to fund her dreams, Kim turns to the latest trend in legalized Sex work. Under a Nexum contract, she would spend her summer as a strange man's sex toy, living out his kinky fantasies and being shared with his friends but, if she finishes her time, she will have made enough to cover her entire education! Can Kimberly power through to the fall semester, or will she call it quits and come up short?

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Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: Dark Fantasy Press


Language: English

Pages: 101

Interior: BW

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About The Author

We are just a kinky couple who like to write. Kinky Books? Genderswap stories? Maledom Stories? BDSM Blogging? Embrace your Dark Fantasies

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