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Submit.SIR : A Cyberpunk Nightmare




Genres: Erotica, Romance, Science Fiction



Book Type:Print & Digital

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April is trapped! The Submit.SIR cyberware she installed for a night of fun won’t shut down and she is compelled to obey her boyfriend’s every whim! What is worse is that she is unable to tell him what’s happening! The Submit.SIR Cyber-chip was sold as the ultimate in Total Power Exchange program. Obedience is rewarded with pleasure, resistance with fear. Now April is afraid of what she will become, stuck in the grip of Submit.SIR


“Second thoughts?” Jason called after her. She wheeled on her heels and came back to the table where she opened the case and pulled out the chip. “Ready to have your own willing slave?” she asked as she held it up. She raised her eyebrows for a second before she quickly slotted the chip. Like with Riku’s chips, she saw the sudden flash of digital text flash across her field of vision. More scrolled by until a new prompt appeared to float in the air between her and Jason. Select enforcement protocol Carrot: Positive reinforcement Stick: Negative reinforcement Default: Full Protocol She selected the default and another prompt appeared Identify Dominant Her heart was beating faster. Jason had told her that once he had selected her as the Dom, he was locked out of config. This was the moment of truth. Make this selection and, for the rest of the night, she would be compelled to obey her boyfriend’s every command. “Well?” asked Jason. “Just a moment!” April joked. “It wants me to chose a master and I’m trying to pull a cute picture of Riku or Skip.” Jason shook his head “Oh you are going to pay for that one!” “Only if I pick you! Where’s a mirror!” she laughed. She then looked at Jason and clicked select. Confirm: Submit to selected Dominant? Yes Confirm: Obey selected Dominant? Yes Confirm: Serve selected Dominant? Yes Final Confirmation, you will be compelled to obedience after this prompt. Submit.Serve.Obey? Submit.SIR Yes. A brief scroll of text flew past her vision followed by “write complete”. She looked at Jason. “That’s it? I don’t feel any different.” He smiled. “It’s not going to make you into a zombie. You won’t feel anything till I tell you to do something.” He stood up and put his finger under April’s chin. He lifted her gaze to his. “Go get into that lingerie I like,” he said. April nodded and held his gaze, after a moment her heart jumped as she was suddenly afraid to remain where she was. She turned and raced into the bedroom, pulling at the buttons of her blouse as she did so. As April snapped the last garter strap closed on her stocking top, she felt a warm wave of pleasure wash over her. She let out a low moan. “Carrot’s nice, isn’t it?” Jason asked from where he was leaning against the door frame watching her. She had on a cupless antique styled black lace corset with matching black g string. Garter straps from the bottom of her corset clipped to the lacy tops of her oil-sheen black stockings. “Oh yeah.” April agreed. “Sir, call me sir.” Jason said in a serious tone. “Yes sir.” Another wave of pleasure washed over April as she said it. “Oooh, thank you sir!” Jason’s grin broadened. “Thank me, for what?” April rose to her feet and crossed the room to him. She traced her right finger from his collar down the front of his shirt. “Thank you for giving me a command to obey, sir. Obeying you feels so good, sir.”

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

Edition: 1


Language: English

Pages: 71

Interior: BW

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Katie is the trickster Day to day, Katie is just another suburban mom in the American South. By night she... well... that's private With her pen, Katie likes to play with convention. Throwing sexuality, gender, and a little magic into a blender to see what happens.

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