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Seeing Mrs. T: An Erotic Short Story




Genres: Erotica


eBook Options:.epub

Refunds Allowed:No

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Back at having fun with Mrs. T. One day she calls me, it has been months since I saw her, tasted her and took her as mine. But now she wants me to come back and ''visit'' I have barely landed until our emotions takes over and the roller coaster begins between us once again we sit into the SUV. It is her husbands birthday, she wants me to help her with a special surprise she has for him. Of course I oblige. But the moments of pure sexual rawness I have with her, the ones I share her with her hubby are truly special. How was I to know this was only the beginning of an erotic journey that would take me over the top of satisfaction. The first book in the new trilogy about Mrs. T and her willingness to explore sexual limitations with me. Exploiting Mrs. T and Punishing Mrs. T will soon follow. A little more naughty, a tad more graphic and explicit than the previous but without being nasty and dirty.

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ISBN-13: 9781005944728

Publisher: WritingsForTheMuse


Language: English

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Refunds: No

A group of weird people who get together and write everything between extremely naughty taboo to the sweetest erotica. It can be prose, explicit, graphic or just pure hints. It all depends on who's penned the story. Follow us and get to know us. We have a tendency to be overly social and drunk :-) Hope you don't mind!

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