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The Christmas Miracle




Genres: Romance, Suspense

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Peter Travis is a handsome older man in his 60s. He left his heart in Niagara Falls when his first love was senselessly killed by a drunk driver. A year later, he opened Briana's Bistro in her honour. Peter found love again, with a woman twenty years his junior. They have twin boys, and he finally has found the peace that he has always longed for. At Christmastime, 2007, Peter hires a boy, Terry, who is down on his luck. During a wicked snowstorm, the bistro closes early. When the bistro goes up in flames, with his wife, Laura, locked in the staff room, Peter blames God. His life is once again turned upside down. The authorities suspect arson. Laura is in a coma, and even the doctors don't know if she will wake. Will she survive? Will Peter ever know who set the blaze? Triggered, he turns to the bottle, and is visited by the ghost of his first love, Briana. In this suspenseful Christmas tale, read about the power of true love, and find yourself believing that maybe, just maybe, miracles do happen.


A vision of something else appeared before me. I saw myself during a time in my life when I was faced with making a deal with the devil. I wanted to perish; to extinguish all memories of Briana's death but her spirit wouldn't let me. Her spirit implored me to go on with my life. She'd be proud today. Today, we kicked the devil in the teeth – all thanks to the trainee in threadbare jeans.

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Book Type: Print & Digital


Language: English

Interior: BW

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Despite being a multi-genre author, I enjoy writing dark stories the most. There's something hauntingly beautiful about the dark and mysterious side of life.

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