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Unpredictable Fate




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Unpredictable Fate novel is a romance story about Isabel Yates and James Ludlow. You can read this novel on Bravonovel app or web.


It’s hot! Isabel Yates twisted and turned on the bed, her inner thighs sweating profusely. I need to leave! There was only one thought in her head. Following an ear-splitting bang, the tightly shut hotel room door was kicked open from the outside. She struggled to get up with what was left of her sanity, but such a simple task was made difficult with the spiked wine she drank. Right after she got up, her body went limp, and she collapsed onto the rug. From the side, she heard a patter of footsteps before she was effortlessly scooped up. His smoky voice was punctuated by hot and heavy breaths. “Relax. You’re too tense.” Ouch! The next moment, she felt like her body was trampled over. The pain and soreness that shot through her limbs made her hesitate even to move. Enduring the pain between her legs, she finally opened her eyes. Darkness enveloped her, and the only source of light was from the dim standing lamp in the corner, which helped her to take a better look at the scene before her. She spotted a huge bed, some clothes that were strewn around, and a shirtless man who had his back facing her. Tears flowed down her cheeks. She bit her lip shamefully and silently sneaked out of bed. After putting on her clothes, she stumbled out of the room like a fugitive on the run. In the elevator, she sank into a squat and hugged her head. This is it! I have lost everything! She was in urgent need of money because of her grandma’s sickness. Cindy Yates, her half-sibling, had coerced her into sleeping with a film director that was almost as old as their dad in exchange for 500,000. In the lobby, Cindy stared haughtily at Isabel through her sunglasses. She snorted. “Hmph. You’re in luck yesterday because you slept with Director Jacques. It’s 500,000 for you.” “Where’s the money?” Isabel’s only concern was how fast Cindy could transfer the money for their grandma’s treatment. “Oh, the money?” Cindy looked down her nose at her anxious sister. “That depends on my mood. When I’m in a good mood, I’ll wire the money to you.” “You—Cindy Yates, you’d better not cross the line!” Cindy gave her a light pat on the cheek. “My dear sister, look at yourself. Do you really think a night with you is worth 500,000? Don’t be naive. You’re nothing but my substitute. I will send you a few thousand when I land the lead role. That’s your fee for your ‘hard work’ in serving Director Jacques on my behalf!” Then, Cindy strutted into the elevator, swaying her hips foxily as she walked. The blackout curtains in the suite were drawn together. There was a scent of debauchery in the air, and the man was still deep in slumber. She shot a quick look at the dash of blood on the white sheets. That loser Isabel was indeed a virgin! With a wicked smile on her face, she took off her coat, flung it aside, and shook his arm. “Darling, I gave you my first night…” His eyes flickered open, and he agilely got out of the bed. He narrowed his eyes to scrutinize the woman in front of her. “You saved me last night! Just let me know what you need. I won’t take your virginity without repaying you.” He had a low voice, and his drawl sounded sexy.

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