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Yummy Old "Husband"




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Yummy Old "Husband" is a modern city as the background of romance novel, the protagonists are Sophia & Michael. You can read this novel on Joyread.


“Mr. Edwards, your daughter is tan and thin. She even had an abortion in high school, and the whole school knew about it! It caused such a commotion that parents signed a petition to get her expelled from the school! With her terrible track record… Tsk, I can’t go above 50,000!” “Those are fake information! It’s just rumors! Master Levine, please have a look at the affidavit! She just turned 18 years old, and so she’s definitely worth 200,000!” “60,000!” “At least 80,000!” “Fine. 80,000, if you insist. I’ll transfer the amount to you via Venmo.” With that, Sophia Edwards’ biological father, Joe Edwards, sold her to Daniel Levine for 80,000. Despite never meeting her biological father from birth, Daniel reckoned that Joe’s business was on the verge of bankruptcy because Sophia had a challenging birth chart that overpowered the Edwards Family’s fate. It so happened that Daniel knew an old bachelor who could most probably overcome her bad luck, and so Daniel decided to be the matchmaker. Daniel looked like a young gentleman, but among the high society of Bayside City, he had an outstanding status and prestige. In fact, he was known as Bayside City’s Grandmaster of Metaphysics. Therefore, no one would question him even if he were to make an absurd claim. Sophia was holding onto an old suitcase, and she had on some old, shabby dress while standing in a corner with her head bowed. The expression on her tanned and thin face appeared as if she was in a daze. Her lackluster eyes seemed empty; they reflected desolation in them. She held tightly onto an affidavit, which proved her virginity, but she was just an empty and numb vessel at that moment. It took me so much hard work to procure a seat in Riverdale High School by taking the exam. Not only would I not have to pay for my living expenses and accommodation, I could have received a full scholarship. If I managed to procure a seat in the country’s best university, Bayside University, I would completely change my fate. However, an unfounded rumor of my pregnancy and abortion cost me everything, including my education, my future, and my relationship… Joe left in a hurry without even sparing Sophia a backward glance. He treated her like the plague, wanting to distance himself as far away from her as possible to prevent her from causing further damage toward his assets. After he left, Sophia kept her head bowed as she carried an old bag while dragging her suitcase to follow Daniel out of the café’s glass doors. Just when she was so poor that she could hardly feed herself and was living on the streets, her father arrived like an angel descending from the heavens. He took her to the hospital for an examination and an affidavit. After that, he sent her to a hotel to wash up and have a change of clothes before sending her to Daniel. She hadn’t had anything to eat for the whole day, and so her stomach started growling in hunger. It was an afternoon in the end of September, and the sun was shining brightly. Sophia stood under the scorching sun with her head bowed, and her skin was extremely tanned from the blistering sun. Daniel, in his smart suit and leather shoes, formed a stark contrast compared to Sophia’s appearance. He opened up a finicky black umbrella to shade himself while making a phone call.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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