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Storm's Bride (An Orc Bride Romance)




Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance


Book Type:Digital

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Georgia He caught me out in the wilds hunting for food to feed my family. We were starving, and I had no choice but to pursue better prey in Orc territory. I knew the risks, but hunger pains overruled all common sense. When he caught me, I was sure that death was next. However, he took one look at me and boldly claimed I was to be his bride. Now I had to figure out how to escape him and his clan. However, the longer I am with him, the more I get to know him, and the more I like him. I may be falling in love with the sweet Orc warrior. Storm I was hunting with my clan's hunters when we came upon a scrawny human female. It was apparent she was alone in the wilds of our territory, and that was dangerous for a tiny human. The forest held all kinds of dangers and wild beasts. So I did what any good Orc would do in my situation. I claimed her as my bride and took her back to my clan, even if she was unwilling. Now I had to figure out how to teach a human female to live as an Orc and find her family. But, of course, I didn't expect to fall in love with my tiny, feisty human.

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