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The Lady in the Woods




Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Have you seen my baby? Confederate soldiers killed her husband... They stole her toddler son... Sophrona Barker buried her husband alone, and died after years of searching in the woods, and never finding her son Teens from all around come to taunt her; saying they have her baby. Her spirit has become dark and angry. Now…a modern day family takes a vacation in the woods, as a last hoorah before the parents tell their children they are getting a divorce. After hearing the urban legend in those woods, Makayla, Zoe, Thomas and Dewayne come to taunt the spirit of Sophrona Out of anger, the spirit retaliates against them; and eventually attaches itself to the family’s own toddler, thinking he is her missing son from over a century ago. Angered and afraid, the family decide to cut their trip short, until the mother takes pity on the spirit of the woman, changing her mind, and camping out in the Barker cabin. They meet interesting people along the way: The two sisters who own the town diner, Hilda & Georgia - Shane, the ranger that does his best to keep the woods safe - and four teens, who befriend the family and joins their journey from 'terrifying' to 'loving'. Together, through their own trials and tribulations, the family with the help of their new group of friends, work together to try to reunite the Barker family, and may just end up salvaging their own.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781731061195

ISBN-10: 1731061196

Publisher: Self Published


Language: English

Pages: 257

Interior: BW

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Author, Book Editor, Self-Publishing Advocate, Social Media Networking Platform Founder. SCREENWRITER MANAGEMENT I am NOT the author of A Collection of Short Stories from AuthorWorld Connect; I am simply the Editor and Publisher for this book

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