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Beth and the Mannequin




Genres: Erotica, Paranormal, Science Fiction


Book Type:Digital

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Beth works as a window dresser in a clothing boutique where she pulls all-nighters in an effort to keep the place afloat. This particular night takes an unexpected turn when new mannequins arrive. One of the mannequins comes to life and doesn't hide the fact that he craves her luscious curves. Passion blossoms between the buxom brunette and the stoic figure, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Even though Beth can't tell if it's an erotic dream or mind-shattering reality, she's ready to take full advantage of the living figure's strong physique and endless desire. Can Beth keep up with the mannequin's hard need to take her, or will his silicone embrace come crashing down with the clothing racks around her? This 5,100-word short story contains absurd and explicit material.


“HYAAAAAAAA!” A high-pitched scream escapes her mouth as she frantically scrambles to get away from the strangely comforting hug of the male mannequin, only to be trapped in an even tighter grasp.

She stumbles back, barely managing to break free of the human-shaped menace but finds herself cornered between it and the wall.

“W-What the fuck is this?! G-Get away from me!” She yells with fear and panic ringing in her voice as she squeezes her eyes shut, trying to will away the unreal thing in front of her. “I-I-I… I’ll scream!”

Her body quivers as the feeling of soft, silky silicone fingers run along her exposed thigh, carefully inching their way up to her bare arm. A shallow gasp escapes her slightly parted lips, making her suddenly aware of her body’s involuntary response.

Her eyes open once more, still faintly bewildered to find the previously unmovable figure now dangerously close, looming over her.

Despite his body continuing to experiment with small yet bold movements, his expression remains unchanged, a perpetual smile etched onto his smooth silver face. Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem to be trying to overstep human boundaries, but it’s undeniable what he’s trying to communicate. A deep interest in the woman who purchased him, and the other seven mannequins radiates through his every action.

She tries not to look at the plastic man’s face, being worried whether he can see her despite his lack of expression, keeping her gaze on his bare chest. She has never seen any dummies that have such detailed pectorals or abs. As she observes his chest, around where a human heart would be, a peculiar scribble catches her eye: “#28?”

The sudden words of the brunette make the weird being tilt his head, displaying an almost curious body language as he moves closer to the quivering window dresser.

“It doesn’t look like a barcode… a name maybe?” She whispers, her gaze darting between the mannequin’s tattoo and his hollow eyes. She stiffens again, feeling the man’s aura penetrate hers. “Huh?”

His right hand returns to Beth’s waist as his warm, sculpted thigh slides between her soft legs. She gasps under his touch, a rosy blush quickly spreading across her cheeks. He doesn’t want to hurt her, if anything, it’s quite the opposite, actually.

“H-Hold on, what are you...” her question catches in her throat as soon as she feels something pressing against her crotch through her shorts. She looks down to see what’s poking her and that’s when she spots it — the cleanest, girthiest, smoothest-looking fake cock she has ever laid eyes on. “THE FUCK?! DID I ACCIDENTALLY BUY A SEXDOLL?!”

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English (United States)

Pages: 24

Interior: BW

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Morning Wood isn't your typical small-town mother of two. To her neighbors, she's as sweet as apple pie, but behind closed doors, her imagination runs wild, weaving tales of debauchery and bawdy adventures that stir the senses. From the comfort of her suburban home, Morning seeks to unleash her hidden desires on the world. With a mischievous mind, she mixes the paranormal and fantasy infusing her steamy stories with an otherworldly allure that captivates her readers. What started as a tantalizing secret shared between her closest friends has blossomed into an insatiable yearning to share her naughty musings with a wider audience. So, if you're new to Morning's provocative tales, grab one of her ebooks today and indulge in the irresistible blend of fantasy and reality that promises to leave you breathless and craving more. Morning Wood currently resides in the Lone Star State.

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