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Chaos for Humanity: An Anthology (of sorts)




Genres: Arts & Photography, Paranormal, Science Fiction

Book Type:Digital

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Greetings friends, I invite you to join me on a visionary excursion of mind. Within this plethora of original works, you'll discover unique writings and visual stimulation's. Genres include sci-fi, fantasy, dark romance, inspiration and more. Please check it out you won’t be disappointed.


Excerpt from: "Chaotic delusions" Vivid dreams are cloaking my reality Vivid dreams are a chaotic serenity Falling in holes I’m resisting conformity Chaotic delusions are prevalent today Excerpt from: "Silhouettes" Extinction has begun, our days numbered Mother Nature is collecting her debts unencumbered Still blinded, no one sees The remodeling she oversees Nobody understands the turning Freaking mind-boggling and disturbing

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

Pages: 131

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I'm open for interpretation. Need to know more about me, I do to. My mind is a jumble of chaotic tangents, put there by the great architect of space and time.

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